gusset (plural: gussets)

  1. A small piece of cloth inserted in a garment, for the purpose of strengthening some part or giving it a tapering enlargement.
  2. (Armor) A small piece of mail, providing some protection where two plates of armor are joined, usually at the elbows, under the shoulders, and behind the knees.
  3. (Machinery) A kind of bracket, or angular piece of iron, fastened in the angles of a structure to give strength or stiffness; esp., the part joining the barrel and the fire box of a locomotive boiler.
  4. (Heraldry) An abatement or mark of dishonor in a coat of arms, resembling a gusset.

6 letters in word "gusset": E G S S T U.

Anagrams of gusset:

Words found within gusset:

es ess est ests et gest gests get gets gu gue gues guess guest gus gust gusts gut guts seg segs set sets st sue sues suet suets sus te teg tegs tegu tegus tes tug tugs ug ugs us use uses ut ute utes uts